OneAndOne New Top Level Domain Name (TLDN) Extensions

What to do when you succeed in ordering one…


  • Initially you pre-order them under your existing package
  • If one is successful then it becomes Registered in your name.
    • This is communicated by email
    • Also it is displayed as Registered under the tab [My Pre-Orders] of the [Domain Overview] of (any of) your package.
  • However, it is added to your account as a new package, not under your existing package.
    • To see it, go to your initial login-page
      • → Page Title: “Welcome to the 1&1 Control Panel for your xyz package”
    • On top blue banner-bar, towards right, drop-down menu under [My xyz Package]
    • From that menu, select the (newly registered) domain name of interest.
      • Shown within its own unique “Instant Domain Registration package.
    • → Page Title: “Welcome to the 1&1 Control Panel for your Instant Domain Registration package”.
    • Click on [Domain Centre]
    • Click the domain name to edit the redirect or whatever.

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