Blu-Ray (BD) Format on a Standard DVD

Suppose one has a short HD video,and wishes to burn it to disk for playing (at full resolution) on an HD television via a Blu-Ray player.  How vital is it to burn it onto an actual Blu-Ray disk?  Would it suffice instead to burn the Blu-Ray format (folder structure etc.) to a standard DVD?

I suspected that (latter suggestion) might work, but needed confirmation.  I found it by accident, at the following.

The YouTube tutorial video “Adobe Encore Essentials 14. Tips and Tricks”, at , explains that this is indeed possible, but that when using Adobe Encore (at least), a work-around is necessary:

  • First export in Blu-Ray format to a local folder, then use a third-party DVD burner such as ImgBurn (that I already have) to burn this to a standard DVD.

I will try that!  The proof will be when it has been demonstrated to play ok on a typical Blu-Ray player and HD TV.  Though of course that would only constitute proof for that particular viewing system…

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