Multi-Threading in AviSynth

Enabling multi-threading in AviSynth is dead-easy!


  • Get Modified AviSynth MT
  • Make a copy of the existing [avisynth.dll] on your system
  • Replace the original [avisynth.dll] with the one from “Modified AviSynth MT”
  • Use SetMTMode (with appropriate parameters) at the start of your script.
  • In the case of my simple scripts, that appears to be sufficient!


    • Avisynth scripting language tutorial
    • Multi-Threading in AviSynth
    • No need to use the MT “filters”, instead use…
    • modified avisynth MT (e.g. version
      • Contains the two new functions SetMTMode() and GetMTMode() and is needed by MT.dll.
      • Install it by overwriting avisynth.dll in your c:\windows\system32 (and remember to take a backup of the old file first).
      • These functions enable avisynth to use more than one thread when processing filters.
      • This is useful if you have more than one cpu/core or hyperthreading. This feature is still experimental.

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