Adobe Premiere Pro CC …is the version after CS6, *should* co-exist with it


Today my Adobe updater reported that a bunch of new Apps, all with a “CC” suffix, were available.  This naming confused me: was this the new version after CS6?  Or was it some kind of  collaborative bloatware I didn’t need right now?    Such confusion arose because I had expected the new version to be called something like CS6.5 or CS7.

  • Premiere Pro CC is the new version after CS6, Adobe have chosen not to name it numerically e.g. CS7.

OK but then the recurring (every version) question: if I install this new version, will it coexist with the old one or will it wipe it out?

  • According to a websearch (as below), they should coexist.  But I haven’t tried it yet.


  • Google:[adobe premiere pro cc alongside cs6]
      • Title: Dumb Question / CC Premiere Pro 6
      • A: by Walter Soyka on May 29, 2013
        • Premiere Pro CC will install as a separate application, and you can run it alongside your existing install of Premiere Pro CS6 — you can have both installed at the same time.
        • CC does not save CS6-compatible project files, so you’d have to stick with CS6 or use XML for interchange to work with this
      • A: by Gal Gruper on Jun 26, 2013
        • (to export a Prem-CC project back to Prem CS6)
        • nest the sequence you want to convert back to cs6 replace with and ae composition, go to ae, save project file in cs6 format, at the save as menu, open the project in ae cs6, export premiere pro project, open project in premiere cs6.

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