Groove Folder Synchronization? What’s that?

While recovering and auditing a laptop I came across “Groove Folder Synchronization.  I have vaguely come across its name before, but that’s all.

It’s apparently a dropbox-like thing (loosely-speaking), by Microsoft.


    • What is Groove Folder Synchronization? Sharepoint?
    • Q:
      • What is it exactly What’s the purpose? How does it work?
      • Same questions re: Sharepoint. What is it? What’s it’s purpose? How does it work?
    • A1:
      • (Groove Folders is) for corporate environments, but they package it with Office.
      • Sharepoint is a shared workspace, similar to a shared network drive. People can put files there for everyone in a group to access. It also has a calendar, a wiki, and other features. The idea is that a division of a company (or the entire company) has a secure place to share data.
        Groove is something like Google Apps — you put your files on the Internet and others can access it — including those outside the company (unlike Sharepoint). Synchronization is used so that everyone in the group keeps up to date on any changes to the document.
      • Neither is particularly successful. We gave up on Groove ages ago, and, though we use Sharepoint, it’s only used infrequently.
    • A2:
      • SharePoint can be a great solution, but it’s not like implementing a new file  server or new Office update or an messaging system IT throws in, or a new policy  or repository for data. It ties everything together, but it is not easily done.   If done rightly, it’s geat. If not, it sucks.
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