Adobe Premiere CC: Incredibly Slow Response to Timeline Commands

I have had similar problems in Adobe Premiere CS5.5, CS6, now also in CC…   And on several types of machine.  For example as I reported at

Response in timeline to mouse-clicking or play button is often several seconds, sometimes minutes.

It is difficult to imagine how this can be, on such a widely and professionally used NLE.

Top suggestions from websearch are to do either one of the following:

  • Simply reboot the system (not just Premiere)
  • Exit Premiere, exit CC (system tray), kill all Adobe processes (e.g. via Task Manager), restart CC, restart Premiere.

…But that made no significant difference in my experience…


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      • marxviper
        • I recently upgarded to Adobe Premiere Pro CC and I notice that it is very slow in response and there is like 10 seconds lag for every step I do. I notice my computer goes up to 30 percent of workload. The problem arises when I am going from one sequence to another sequence, it lags or copy something in a sequence and then it lags.
        • My system was fine with CS6 premiere pro. After I updated it to premiere CC, I am having this problem.
      • SpaceCherryFilms (2013-07-04) in reply to marxviper
        • I’m having the same issue in CC, I started the project in CC and it very sluggish, I hit the play button there is a delay (2-3 seconds0 and when I hit stop there an even longer delay before it stops (3-4 seconds)
        • When I did an xml export to CS6, there are no problems with playback or stoping playback.  Also I’m working on a music video with around 1,000 clips and over 900 edits.  No effects and the project has been pre-rendered.  Once again I loaded this project into CS6 (via XML) and I’m not having this problem.
      • christeebo1 (2013-07-26) in reply to SpaceCherryFilms
        • I am having this same problem and can’t figure out what is going on.  CS6 runs excellent, CC is unbearable.  two second delay on almost everything.  It is unusable.
      • SMG720
        • One thing I noticed is that some Adobe processes don’t clean up after themselves, causing the system to bog down. I only know this because my Premiere CC tends to crash frequently with my converted CS6 project so with every crash, I saw some duplicate Adobe processes running in Task Manager.  I noticed my CC project running slower and slower on inevitable relaunches, thanks to crashing.  So, my steps to recover from a crash are now..
          1. Exit out of Adobe Creative Cloud from system tray.
          2. Kill all Adobe processes in Task Manager.
          3. Restart Adobe Creative Cloud.
          4. Restart Premiere CC project.
      • marxviper (2013-07-31)
        • I advise you not to uninstall CS6 as I have already done that and it didn’t help. Continue working on your CS6 until adobe fixes this bug.
      • GAPmedia (2013-09-29)
        •  I had similar problems this summer with the CS6 AVHCD bug in this thread.  This is not as bad, but seems very similar in its manifestation.  There is no longer any connection to any one codec.  Instead, the problem seems to emerge as Premiere has been running for a while.  Or after opening Premiere, closing it and then reopening with out a system restart in between.
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