Adobe Premiere: Disable All Effects: How (can’t except via workaround)


  • Ideally, it should be possible to globally disable all effects, or maybe all those effects (in a list of all effects used anywhere in a project) that a user has marked as being “disableable” (e.g. the cpu-heaviest ones such as Neat Video, which either reduce responsiveness or else ( to avoid this) require rendering.


  • Put all FX on an adjustment layer, that can itself be enabled/disabled.
  • Duplicate sequence then select all clips and [theClips >RtClk> Remove Effects]
  • Edit or process the project XML file to disable all effects (and conversely, eventually, to enable them).
    • This one sounds the most promising, apart from need to make special allowance for effects that were initially disabled.


  • Google:[“adobe premiere” “disable all effects”]
      • Question: I want to temporarily disable all effects on multiple clips.  The alternative is going through each clip individually and disabling the effects one by one.
      • Answers:
        • The alternative is the only way.
        • If you can put all your FX on an adjustment layer(s), you can turn the eyeball off, and that will effectively disable them.
        • Another idea:
          • duplicate sequence
          • on the copy of the sequence –> multi select all clips –> in the timeline view –> right click: “Remove Effects”
        • or you can switch off all effects via text editor in the PP project XML file…

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