Adobe Premiere: H264 Markers: Work in Quicktime but not MP4

(Updated as of 2014-03-20)

  • H264 supports chapter markers (in some form) in principle, but Adobe Premiere is unable to utilise this (at least as of 2012, and I can’t see a way of doing it in February 2014).
    • If the H264 is encoded into a QuickTime [.mov] wrapper/file (as opposed to a [.mp4] one), and that [.mov] file is played in a QuickTime player, then those chapter markers will appear in (the bottom-right corner) of that player.
  • Apparently FCP (both 7 and X ) can also do this.
    • Presumably


  • The results of my experiments supersede those of the websearch.
  • In Adobe Premiere CC, I created a Sequence with a number of chapter markers.  I then exported/rendered/encoded that Sequence to QuickTime (wrapper-file) containing H264.
  • Chapter-selection for the resulting QuickTime [.mov] file:
    • When played in a QuickTime player (even on Windows), presented the chapter-selection, at bottom-right of that player.
    • When played in VLC Player, the chapter-selection was available (“hidden”) under Menu:Playback.
    • In Windows Media Player I was unable to see any chapter-selection features.


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