A Lens-Changing Protocol for DP & AC

This post (the first I have made for a long time, due to using Evernote instead)  is about “A Lens-Changing Protocol for DP & AC”, where, in the Film Industry,  DP = “Director of Photography” and AC = “Assistant Camera” (Camera Assistant).  The word “protocol” refers to the fact that they have to interact, following an established etiquette … or protocol…

WolfCrow‘s regular email-newsletter drew my attention to a presentation by the legendary Freddie Wong: RocketJump: How to Be a Success on YouTube & Beyond.  In that presentation, he mentioned a free online “Film School”.  So I went to his RocketJump website and found my way to the school’s main Youtube page to the specific YT page for a course: Pro Tip: How to (Properly) Change a Lens, which also has its own follow-up forum thread with good points, in particular those by “KahlevN”.

Having absorbed all I could from all those sources, I evolved a “Business Process” workflow diagram via the yEd app, using its BPMN graphical convention.  I had never even seen that before, let alone used it, but proceeded regardless (with my best guesswork) to produce the following, based solely on the aforementioned course and comments:

Lens-Changing Protocol for DP & AC

Is it helpful?  Could a schematic like this benefit the design, analysis or explanation of such a practical workflow? I can imagine something like it being used for training/reminding and for demonstrating to independent assessors that a company has a “quality process” is in existence, defined in a formal-looking manner (you could call that “Theatre of Quality”).

Or is there a BPMN expert out there who’s sensibilities are offended by any incorrectness in my use of precisely defined graphical syntax or semantics?  Or is there a better or more appropriate notation for diagramming workflows like this?

Any helpful comments gratefully received…

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