How migrate FCP projects between systems

 By “systems” i chiefly mean file systems, but also computer systems i.e. instances of FCP.  For simplicity, I ignore here the possibility of different versions of FCP.

  • Google: [migrating “final cut” disk]
      • “You can add multiple scratch disks in FCP, or just change it to relate to your current project, or when you import the new project put the all the media in the relevant location to your current scratch disks…”
        • “When I take my portable disk to the other machine to work, rather than work from the portable disk, I want to copy the entire project folder to the other machine’s drive. It’s the main workstation where the work will ultimately reside, so my portable drive is simply the “rough-in” drive. I work from home on this drive, then take what I’ve done over to the main machine and copy everything over. “
        • “…it worked. I didn’t need to change that machine’s scratch location. I just copied the folder over, launced the project file and boom. No rendering necessary. “
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