Sony Vegas 9 – Device Explorer – Import-Folder

The Device Explorer in Sony Vegas , available (unintuitively to me) under the View menu (as opposed to the Tools menu), lists devices such as XDCAM-EX cards and disks, and when selected, presents thumbnails.  You can select these and Import.  But where do they get imported to, and can this be changed?  Not hard, but not that obvious either [].  I expected it to be in [Options > Preferences] but no.

By default, Imports from Device Explorer go to [Imported Media] folder in the user’s  [My Documents] folder.

  • e.g. [C:\Users\David\Documents\Imported Media]

To select an alternative, select the device listed in Device Explorer, then [RtClk > Properties].  Not aware of any way to change the default itself, so just have to remember to do this every time.  In comparison, FCP lets you change the default import/capature folder but in practice, as for Vegas, one tends to change it for each project.

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