Avid MC5

From article “NAB 2010: AVID MEDIA COMPOSER 5.0” of 2010-04-25 at [lfhd.net], as of 2010-05-15:

  •  Avid Media Composer 5.0 now works with the Matrox MXO2 Mini (not main or LE), not for capture, but for monitoring on a large monitor.
  • New advanced Avid Media Access (AMA).
    • This new version of AMA now allows Avid MC to access Quicktime files directly, and allows MC to EDIT those QTs without converting or transcoding them. So things like ProRes, the new Canon XF codec…they are directly accessed via AMA and you can just start editing them right away.  For example from files recorded on a KiPro unit or a QuickTime-based camera.
      • But move the files, and the connection is broken.   So, if you want to work with the footage natively, then move it to the folder you want it to reside in on your media drive, then import.
      • A possible FCP+AVid workflow: Utilize FCP to capture the footage (ProRes), use AMA to import that footage into AVID MC 5.0…edit (e.g. by Avid-only editing people) …then send that sequence back to FCP (via Automatic Duck) linking to the original media…send to Color to color correct, then output from FCP?
    • This also includes native RED files. Media Composer can edit them without the need to transcode.
    • You can adjust the color of the footage before you bring it over…apply a general look while you edit.
  • A FCP look&feel approximating mode called Smart Tools mode.  Can toggle between this and Classic mode.
  • AVCHD import. Before now you had to use third party applications to convert the footage to DNxHD, like ClipWrap. Not anymore. Now you can import the AVCHD footage directly into Avid MC via the IMPORT feature.  (But) there are multiple types of AVCHD (can it cope with them?).
  • Audio improvements:
    • You can now SOLO and MUTE on the timeline.
    • You can now access the Audio Suite plugins directly from the timeline.
    • And (for screen update speed) you can turn on Audio Waveforms on SELECT TRACKS ONLY.
    • You can now make a stereo pair appear as only ONE TRACK on the timeline. This works for stereo sound effects too.
    • Direct access to many audio suite plugins directly on the timeline. No need to go digging in the Audio Tool for them.

The  [lfhd.net] article also reported something about Avid remote editing using cloud computing, but that sounds to me like a whole other topic.

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