Final Cut (FCP) – Background Export/Render

Searching on Final Cut info generally, discovered some things that were added in the version 7 release of FCP and indeed the greater FCS 3, about a year ago.  I am attempting once again to wean myself off relying so much on (my traditional) Sony Vegas.

    • Apple Article: Bradley Buecker: Editing Eat Pray Love
      • The editors (used) ProRes 422 (Proxy) … introduced with Final Cut Pro 7.  As soon as dailies arrived … Assistant Editor Doc Crotzer would transcode the files from ProRes 422 (HQ) to ProRes 422 (Proxy), organize the footage into bins, and prepare the material for editing.
      • Using background exporting, another new Final Cut feature, Crotzer was able to continue editing even as he was compressing the files.
        • What is “background exporting”?
      • (He) cut in Proxy and in a few simple keystrokes (was) reconnected in ProRes 422 (HQ) to output for a screening.
        • How set up / do that?
  • Google: [“background exporting” fcp]
      • Studio Daily blog, July 2009
        • Thursday surprise with Final Cut Pro 7 and new Final Cut Studio By Scott Simmons
          • Post-article forum pulls apart the details and interpretations of the new features in this version.
            • e.g. Per-Project Capture-Scratch (etc) ?
              • Q: have they moved the capture scratch and render drive settings to be saved WITH the project for this release?
              • A: (Doubtful.)   Check out the Preference Manager from Digital Rebellion as it lets you do something similar if not exactly that.
                • How best integrate this into my workflow?
                  • Search on this topic another time, e.g. [“preference manager” “capture scratch” “per project”]
      • Article “Final Cut Pro 7, Did They Listen?” by Dan Rubottom
        • when you undo, you don’t lose renders
        • Export, render and publish in the background using Compressor.  You can use Apple Qmaster QuickCluster for even quicker rendering
  • YouTube: [final cut 7]

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