Reintroduction to Microsoft Visual C++ (v6.0)

Picking up an ancient software project in C++, edited in Microsoft Visual Studio for C++.  Where to start?  So I don’t have to work it out again, here are the basics:

  • Double-click a [.dsw] file.
    • That is a Workspace file, plain text, not a lot inside it.
    • It includes a reference to a [.dsp] file, which is a Project file, plain text, serves as a Make file.
    • Do not double-click a [.dsp] file directly.
  • Now to compile.  There are two Compile modes: Debug and Release.   The former makes debugging easier and the latter is slimmer and fitter (more optimized, hence smaller and faster).
    • To select mode, do [Build > Set Active Configuration]
  • If select Release mode, then result, the expected [.exe] file and a bunch of clutter (some [.obj] files etc.) appear in a Release subfolder.

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