Canon 5250 Printer Software – Mac OS (10.6.5) Install & Initial Experiences

Differences from the Windows (7) experiences:

  • As is typically the case for any device, the Mac installation dialogs etc. differed slightly from their Windows counterparts.
  • Once installed, its Print dialog seemed somewhat over-minimal, there being no obvious way to specify duplex printing for example.  The solution was found by experimentation, as follows:
    • In the dialog, under “Paper Size” and “Orientation” was a multi-choice selected as Preview
    • Clicking on this revealed that the other choices were the missing (expected) printer properties options (such as duplex):
      • Preview
      • Layout
      • Color Matching
      • Paper Handling
      • Cover Page
      • Scheduler
      • Quality & Media
      • Color Options
      • Borderless Printing
      • Duplex Printing & Margin
      • Supply Levels
      • Summary
        • This would have been the best default option, for first use, because it shows all(?) of the other options in a twirlable (expand/collapse) tree.

Once installed, can get to the printer’s optons & job-queue as follows (no obvious options here to define duplex as default):

  • Apple > System Preferences > Print & Fax > Canon MG5200 Series
    • Open Print Queue
    • Options & Supplies
      • General
      • Driver
      • Supply Levels
      • Utility
        • Cleaning (regular cleaning, eliminate smudges and lines)
        • Deep Cleaning (un-clogs nozzles that cannot be cleared by regular cleaning)
        • Bottom Plate Cleaning (prevent paper smudges during printing)
        • Roller Cleaning (for smoother paper-feeding)

Using it:

  •  From NeoOffice (3.1.2) Writer, with a three-page document:
    • File > Printer Settings
      • NeoOffice crashes…
    • File > Print
      • Print-dialog appears
      • Has a multi-choice (default selection = Layout)
      • Select Duplex Printing & Margin
      • Enable Automatic Duplex Printing
        • Staple-side = Long-side stapling (Left)
    • Result: It worked!
      • But these settings were not retained for a further printing even of the same document.
      • So you have to check duplex etc. every single Print operation…
      • Duh!

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