Print on Multi-Sheets (e.g. useful for large GraphViz diagrams)

Suppose you have a drawing that is so large or wide (like a strip) that you’d prefer to have it printed onto several sheets that can be tessellated (e.g. sellotaped together) afterwards for viewing.  One way is to import the image (e.g. .png) into Visio 2003.  It even provides a useful small margin of overlap.  In that case the steps that worked for me are:

  • Open Visio 2003
    • (Haven’t tried other versions)
  • Blank drawing
    • (No need to size or orientate)
  • File > Open
    • (The .png file or whatever)
  • File > Print
    • (Select Printer)
  • File > Page Setup
    • Print Setup
      • Paper size (e.g. A3 or A4)
      • Landscape (say)
      • Fit to n pages across by m pages down
    • Page Size
      • Size to fit drawing contents
  • File > Print…

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