DNxHD vs Cineform for 1080-50i in Sony Vegas 9.0e (64-bit)

Summary of my conclusions from my own limited experiments based around Sony Vegas (9.0e 64-bit):

  • For HD 1080-50i, in its corresponding mode, DNxHD works as well as or better than Cineform.
  • However for non-standard formats (like Vimeo SD-Wide 853×480), DNxHD does not work well while Cineform does.
    • Confirmed by separate experiment, reported separately.
  • For my experiments (Sony Vegas 9.0e-64) the following DNxHD settings made no difference:
    • LevelSpace: RGB/709
    • Quality: 50% (default) or 100%


  • Source: XDCAM-EX @ 35Mbps (file 929_1880): 1080-50i
    • From [2010-08-19 ControlRoom etc\Device Explorer Imports] of BS Movie Sources.
  • Project: 1080-50i
  • NLE: Sony Vegas 9.0e (64-bit)
  • Renders:
    • DNxHD-120
      • Settings: 1080-50i 120 RGB Q100
    • DNxHD-185
      • Settings: 1080-50i 185 RGB Q100
    • Cineform (codev x64 v. 7.17)
      • Settings: RGB (Dec & Enc) both off, 709 (Dec & Enc) both on, Medium HD, Formato Automatic, PAR Automatic)


  • Levels:
    • DNxHD (veg: enc/dec) (120 & 185) maintains approximate levels but gives a tiny boost, especially to lower levels (hence maybe an offset), visible in WFM.
    • Cineform gives a tiny drop to some aspects of the levels.
      • Maybe just tiny gleams or shadows etc. ?
  • Difference (Levels [ (0,0.035) -> (0,1,1) ]:
    • Both have low difference.  No awful errors (e.g. missing lines).
    • DNxHD (120 & 185) has lower difference overall than Cineform.
    • Both Cineform and DNxHD (120 & 185) have a bigger difference on vertical lines.
  • Bitrate:
    • Increasing the bitrate from 120 to 185 reduces random noise but not the vertical-lines difference.
  • Zoom-In of objects, still (text on an office diary) and moving (my head, full-frame, walking across frame):
    • No discernable difference between original, Cineform or DNxHD.  Just noise below that of the XDCAM-EX recording itself.
  • FileSize:
    • XDCAM-EX: 141 MB
    • Cineform: 451 MB
    • DNxHD-120: 473 MB
    • DNxHD-185: 713 MB

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