DNxHD: Non-standard framerate workaround (?)

What if one wants to encode a non-supported format in DNxHD?  For example double-framerate HD at 1080p 50 fps?  I typically produce such material by double-framerate deinterlacing from HD footage.  Some cameras are also starting to appear that record directly at 1080p 60 fps.  DNxHD config panel doesn’t give options for this – but there appears to be a workaround:

  • <<Because there was not a 59.94 fps Progressive option in the DNxHD config, I thought it was not allowed. I chose the 1080p 25fps option in the DNxHD config & 59.94 fps in the “Quicktime 7” panel – and it worked like a champ! All the way thru a HandBrake Render @ 59.94 fps.>
  • I have not yet confirmed this by experiment.

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