Avid: AMA versus MediaFiles

(Retrospective-publish – got held-up in Drafts – hence earlier posts may possibly address this) (As I understand it…) Avid traditionally manages media files (ingested to its own media formats in its own [Avid MediaFiles] folders where they are identified by pesudo-random file-names) in a database-like manner, enabling media and projects to be “shovelled around like stuff” between actual storage disks etc.  This is in contrast to (most? all?) other editing systems where the user must manage consistency of project-expected and actual file locations and names – though that “manual” task can be assisted by automatic search/relink tools (part of the editing system).  In contrast, the new AMA feature allows Avid projects to link directly to “alien” (to Avid) media under the control (and naming etc.) of diverse systems, be they user work practices or media recording/management systems.  The latter is certainly immediately convenient, but what about longer-term?  Is the traditional Avid media management essentially eroded?  Does it matter in practice?  Do people in practice only use AMA for rushes or rush-jobs?  Web-research this!

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