Avid MC: Update 5.0-5.5: Avid DVD

Continuing the Avid MC 5.5 update/installation process, I want to install the latest version of Avid DVD.

  • In the auto-email following-up my purchase of Avid MC update 5.0 to 5.5, no link was provided for Avid DVD (or suite containing it).
  • Therefore my initial point of reference is the Avid DVD install-disk supplied as part of the MC 5.0 disk-set.  The disk label states it is Avid DVD by Sonic, version 6.1.1.
  • From my web searches (below, under “More…) it seems that:
    • Avid DVD is made by Sonic/Roxio (combined?), under the name DVDit.
    • Latest version (I saw mentioned) was 6.4
    • But do-not update to it!
      • Douglas (“Gaijin-Eyes”) of Kumamoto, Japan,  reported difficulties in using version 6.4 with his Avid workflow.  In particular, the later version of DVD(it) removed the ability to export .iso files.
      • Furthermore, using a later version as compared to that officially supported by Avid risks incompatibility problems.  One forum post appeared to relate to an example of this, possibly involving associated dependency versions of QuickTime.  The post received no reply, suggesting that forum-based (e.g Avid-guru) advice would not be forthcoming on issues with software outside the Avid manifest.


  •  Google: [avid dvd sonic update]
    • http://community.avid.com/forums/p/57686/322955.aspx
      • Q: Sonic/Roxio is prepping to release a 6.4 update to their DVDit Pro HD product which is Avid DVD. The update adds support for AVC and VC-1 passthrough, multi-channel PCM pass-through, Windows Vista, BD-50.  My question is will this 6.4 release be provided to us Avid DVD users?
      • A: There has been no official word on that and speculation is against the rules. You’ll just have to wait until Avid makes an announcement on the next version of Toolkit, etc.
  • Google: [avid dvd sonic 6.4]
    • http://community.avid.com/forums/p/82421/473183.aspx
      • markle77074 :
        • Although I have the AVID DVD  i “upgraded” to Sonic DVDit Pro HD.    I have version 6.4
      • Douglas (“Gaijin-Eyes”) of Kumamoto, Japan
        • (Confusion over exact product in question)
          • Are you using AvidDVD by Sonic or Sonic-Roxio DVDitProHD?
        • (experiences better support from Sonic than drom Roxio; this is a Sonic product ?)
        • (Linked to his tutorial on DVDit)
          • This tutorial was done in DVDItProHD before the Blu-Ray iso option was removed.
            But it should help you find the DVD iso workflow
      • mjolnarn:
        • Avid dvd has it´s own burning app
      • BarkinMadd:
        • I use ImgBurn to create Blu-Ray discs from folders – it’s a very effective (and surprisingly – free) utility. I’ve been using version for quite a while now (there’s a new version, but I haven’t tried it). The webpage is a bit confusing but if you scroll down to the revision history section (called ‘News’) you can find a link to download the latest version this little utility.
  • Google: [fixed in avid media composer 5.5.2] – to get ReadMe file for MC5.5,to  see which version of Avid DVD is supposed to be included.
  • Google: [avid dvdit sonic 6.4]
    • http://community.avid.com/forums/t/88596.aspx
      • Q: I used earlier Sonic (together with Avid) and Roxio DVDit Pro HD v. 6.4 without problems to the moment when I installed WIndows 7/64.  After reinstall OS on Windows 7 64 bit I have the following problem.  I export clips from Avid Composer 5.0.3 as Quick Time Reference clips and burn Blu Ray in Roxio in Encode Style – VBR.  I hear on my home video amplifier only central speaker.  If I change on CBR – play all speakers. Are you able explain it ?
      • A: (no reply)
        • I infer from this the possibility/likelihood that forum-based (e.g Avid-guru) advice tends not to be forthcoming on issues involving software outside the Avid manifest.
    • http://c2.avid.com/forums/p/67312/376940.aspx
      • Douglas:
        • I had not installed my Avid DVD programme as I already was using Roxio’s programme (on a separate system).
      •  (unwanted bullet-point that editor can’t delete)
        • Today I installed Avid DVD on my editing system and have done a quick test of the differences.
          The version numbers makes one wonder a little: Avid DVD is version 6.0 641B01A and DVDit is vers. 6,4 641B03A.  The main difference for me (one which I was aware of, but hadn’t really had a chance to test before) was the fact that it was no longer possible to write a single .iso file for Blu-Ray output. Sonic had, for some unknown reason, removed that possibility and replaced it with .gi files.
        • I also noticed that Avd DVD has default settings that save to the same discs that I have my Avid media on.  I am sure that this is NOT a good idea.  So I set my defaults for
          • 1. Saving the project
          • 2. saving the temp files and
          • 3. saving the .iso and .gi files to another drive.
        • The reason for this was that I have long since learned that Sonic/Roxio’s DVD programme likes well defragged discs – especially when dealing with large files and projects. (WHILE…) As it was kindly pointed out on another thread about Sonic DVD – Avid does NOT recommend defragging Avid Media drives. Therefore my decision to save all the files produced by Sonic DVD on another drive. I am using QTreference files without any intermediate transcoding (e.g. In Sorenson Squeeze).
        • I just finsihed a small test Blu-Ray authoring with Avid DVD and was completely successful on my first attempt.
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