Sony Vegas: Multiple Tutorials on Main Site

I just discovered multiple Sony Vegas written tutorials by Gary Rebholz. ¬†These are really great, the website ought to draw more attention to them. ¬†They are highly informative and would help new users get up to speed more quickly not only on realising what is possible in Sony Vegas but also a better grounding/understanding on the concepts and tools behind the “magic”, both fundamental ones and obscure (but handy) ones.

    • Examples:
      • 20 techniques for organizing your Vegas Pro workspace (part 1)
      • Utilizing the DVD Architect Properties window
      • Seven Steps to Getting the Most Out of Your Personal Video Camera
      • Incorporating RAW images Into Your Vegas Pro projects
      • Understanding Video Compositing
      • Displaying your closed captions in Windows Media Player
      • Improved multicamera tools in Vegas Pro 10 software
  • Also one can obtain different kinds of articles by altering the number after “type=”

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