RAID Health-Check: Any Issues?

My Mac Pro system has a ProAVIO RAID via HighPoint RocketRaid card RR2522.  Although it’s a Mac, mostly I’ve used it for Windows XP under Boot Camp.  Recently, in that mode, it’s exhibited an unusually long delay when accessing the RAID, e.g. when clicked on in Windows explorer.  So, I logged in to HighPoint’s  web-based interface for the RAID.

  • I discovered (the hard way) that this interface only works properly when the computer is in Mac OS mode.
  • Once logged-in, the Event (Log) listed only some bad sector etc. repairs on two specific dates, back in July.  There’s nothing more recent.
  • So I guess (?) the “unusually long delay” is something outside the RAID, such as the Windows (XP Pro SP3) system and/or the Kapersky antivirus.


  • RAID Setup Guide (PDF document) attached to Joel’s email to me of 7 Jan 2009.
  • HighPoint for Mac website:

My Steps:

  • Logged-in to HighPoint’s user interface:
  • Listed Event (-Log):

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