iPhone 4: Audio: Voice Memo: Audio Enhancement

Having extracted my iPhone’s VoiceMail recordings, I reviewed them and they sounded boomy – from room resonance.  The best audio enhancement app I know is iZotope RX2, which I have for Windows 7. Windows 7 was run within a virtual machine under Parallels within Mac OS.  I allowed this Windows to read, but not write, Mac OS files.

  • The first enhancement was a parametric EQ
    • Settings: frequency 274Hz, gain -21dB and Q=1.
    • The result sounded better and looked more even in the spectrum analyzer, which prior to that “glowed” around 300Hz.
  • The next enhancement was Denoiser
    • Settings: Advanced, Algorithm D (best, slowest), defaults (including -12dB reduction)
    • Not quick – not much faster than real-time as compared to the recording.
  • Finally, following this “tonal & broadband attenuation” processing, some amplitude processing in terms of dynamic range compression and overall gain.

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