iPhone 4: Audio: FiRe (“pro” audio recording app)

FiRe not only records audio, in a much more powerful/flexible way than Voice Memo, but also allows you to add metadata such as location and a photo (e.g. taken live from the iPhone’s camera)…though I couldn’t see any way to export a format that could maintain that metadata (possibly my newbie-ness, like it mentions Broadcast Wave somewhere but I can’t see how to export that).

It can “multitask” the same way that Voice Memo can.  That is, it can be set going, then left running in the background even when say taking a photo.

When running, under its Settings, Input, has a range of presets, including for example “Dictation” and “Lecture”.   Under Effects there are such things as dynamic range compression and hiss filters.  Playback has sped-up (like tape – not pitch-corrected).

Its recordings can be exported from the device as follows.  When I tried it exporting a WAV file, that product was 16 bits, 48 kHz, mono.


  • On the iPhone, FiRe app, tap Share from the toolbar, then iTunes Sharing
  • Multi-select the required export format(s)
  • Connect iPhone to computer, iTunes comes up (else launch it manually)
  • iTunes:
    • On left side menu, select the iPhone device
    • On top menu, select Apps
    • Look at the bottom of the interface (scroll if necessary) to find File Sharing section.
    • In the Apps column there, select FiRe
    • As required, drag files listed there to destinations

Additionally, recordings can be uploaded via FTP, DropBox or SoundCloud (whatever that is…).

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