Laptop-Based Video Editing: Mobile NAS

Suggestions for mobile (laptop) multicam etc. video editing

o Ethernet now is 1Gbps
+ Compares well to FW800’s 0.8Gbps.
+ But is there any lag/latency ?  (significantly beyond USB and FW)
o An advantage of NAS – is operating-system-agnostic
+ Hence can conduct a (greater) production project with all material in one folder structure on one device, and Mac and Windows apps can each access each others’ files with full read/write access, including the ability to add “sidecar” files e.g. for audio waveforms or in-video motion analysis results (as used by steady/stabilize effects).
* Can connect a NAS to a laptop directly via Ethernet Crossover cable.  No need for a router.
o Google: [ethernet crossover cable].
o It’s a very standard item, e.g. available at PC World
* Exists-there a small mobile NAS?  Preferably FW-powered from the laptop?
o Google:
+ [small nas raid]
+ [mobile nas]


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