Calendar Sync between iPhone & Google

Got an existing GMail account, want the iPhone (iPhone 4 with iOS 4) to sync with that, not only for email (which I have already) but also for Calendar.  The only extra thing I had to do was go into iPhone Settings and change the default calendar from Calendar (an Apple entity) to GMail.

  • Settings:
    • Mail, Contacts, Calendars
      •  (Scroll right down to the bottom – not obvious it’s there since no scrollbar on iPhone)
      • Default Calendar: (select the GMail account)
      • (Likewise for Mail, earlier in the lest, set GMail as default mail account)
  • Tips:
    • Unlike Email, sync between calendars is not “immediate” (in my experience)
    • No need to sync or refresh anything explicitly (and attempting it doesn’t seem to make any difference), just wait (e.g. 5 minutes).
    • Existing iPhone calendar entries, if (as is most likely) they are under “Calendar”, do not get sync’d with GMail.  However the iPhone calendar does allow entries to be moved from your Calendar-account to your GMail-account (say).
      • In the Calendar (app), go into a calendar entry/event of interest, do the Edit button.  Towards the bottom is a field “Calendar” where you can select the calendar-account you want it to appear in, e.g. GMail.

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