Boris RED 4.3.3 Migration to New Machine

I just migrated my existing copy of Boris RED 4.3.3 from an old laptop to MacBook>BootCamp>Windows7.  It involved:

  • Establishing with Boris that I had previously purchased it.
    • Initially an issue, I had to dig out an email invoice from 2009.  Hooray to GoogleMail for keeping everything (unlike *** HotMail which deleted my emails when I hadn’t used it for a month)
  • Installing a trial download of RED 4.3.3 (from a couple of years ago) and running it, to get the Product ID code.
  • Boris sending me another code.
  • Entering the code, to take the application out of Trial mode.
  • Rebooting the application (otherwise its Preview still had an “X” across it)
  • Generating library browser thumbnails
    • Took getting on for half an hour…
    • Various effects complained of missing expected fonts on my system, as follows, and stated they would use the default system font instead.  Not sure which effects they were, but maybe the data display like pie charts etc. (?)
      • Lucida Grande
      • Adobe Caslon Bold
  • It remains to be seen whether it will work in the same Windows 7 but in a Parallels virtual machine.  Not that it would be very sensible to attempt this, but just for curiosity and to know what options I have.

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