Faux Log (Camcorder Response Profiles)

I’ve heard of S-Log from Sony, C-Log etc.  Also on a forum I came across a reference to a Log-like matrix config for the Sony XDCAM-EX cameras.  Alister Chapman has been experimenting with this, and apparently makes some profiles available as zip files, in his article at http://www.xdcam-user.com/camera-setup/log-style-picture-profiles-for-pmw-f3-and-ex1r/.

The zip files contains a SONY folder with [.suf] (settings) files as follows:

  •  SONY
    • PRO
      • CAMERA
        • XDCAM EX
          • PMW_EX1R
            • PPDATA.SUF
          • PMW_F3
            • PPDATA.SUF

No settings files for the EX3, but Alister Chapman advises that If you manually copy the F3 settings into the EX3 (folder) they should be extremely close.

  • Folder: PMW_EX3
  • FileName: SETUP.SUF

However he indicates that for EX1/EX3 camera, the log profile’s advantage (just under a stop of extra latitude) is marginal, given their noise issues (when used in this way), requiring -3dB gain and possible use of a good de-noiser like Neat Video (my favourite) in post. He lists other picture profiles at http://www.xdcam-user.com/2011/06/ex1-and-ex3-picture-profiles/ and also at http://www.xdcam-user.com/forum3/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=107.

Just now, leafing through Philip Bloom’s blog, I came across a reader response with:


…I’d love to see a flat profile on the FS-100. Perhaps something like:

Black Level: +11
Gamma Cinematone1
Black Gamma: High, +7
Knee: 75, -3
Color Mode: Standard, +8
Color Level -5
Color Phase -7
Color Depth: R-1, G+2, B-3, C+5, M+1, Y+3
WB-Shift: LB-7, CC+1

These are settings from Frank Glencairn’s blog.


The original Frank Glencairn blog article, which features more than one variety of G-Log profile, is at http://frankglencairn.wordpress.com/2011/11/22/new-free-g-log-s-logish-picture-profiles-for-the-sony-fs100-version-1-0/

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