Adobe CS5.5 Production Premium: Premiere: Run in Boot Camp Windows 7

 Having got the suite installed and ready to use, I ran Adobe Premiere.  It created an account for me on [CS Live Services].  It complained that my video card drivers were insufficient for CUDA accelerated rendering.  Sadly I cannot update these – I must only accept those that Apple provide (via Boot Camp updates).  So no CUDA acceleration then I guess…

Nevertheless, how well does it work in other respects, and how usable is it overall?  The


  • From Launcher, ran Adobe Premiere
    • A “First Use” dialog came up
      • Requested my Adobe ID
        • Ientered it.
        • Response screen said: <<By providing an Adobe ID, you have set up access to Adobe CS Live Services during your trial period.
        • It also indicated it had sent email verification.
    • I received two emails.
      • First email
        • <<<
        • Thank you for providing your Adobe ID and downloading your Adobe Creative Suite® software trial. During your software trial, you will have access to CS Live services that further extend the capabilities of your Adobe Creative Suite software. Accessed from within your software, CS Live services enable you to accelerate creative reviews, streamline cross-browser testing, and easily host online meetings.
        • For quick and easy access to CS Live services, here is some important information you will want to save:
        • Your complimentary CS Live services subscription will expire with your product trial.
        • >>>
      • Second email:
        • Verify email address
          • Strange that this was sent after the email containing Personal Meeting Room address etc.
    • Thank You dialog gave link to tutorials:
    • I clicked the [Done] button
  • Adobe Premiere started up
    • Popup complained:
      • <<Adobe Premiere Pro requires updated video card drivers for CUDA accelerated rendering.  Please download and install current drivers for your video card.>>
        • That’s what I was afraid of.  It’s making the same demands as DaVinci Resolve Lite (on same Boot Camp > Windows 7).
        • I cannot satisfy those demands, all updates are under Apple’s control – it is normal that laptops (as my MacBook Pro is) have customized versions of graphics card drivers…
      • I checked (via Windows Control Panel) the Display Adaptor in use under Boot Camp.  It is [NVIDIA GeForce 9600M GT], which is the best of the two cards on my machine (the other is on motherboard).
      • I closed the popup.
    • Premiere prompted for [New Project] etc.
      • I clicked on [Help]
        • The Help panel, once populated (after a minute or so), included a [Getting Started and Tutorials] link.
        • From the app’s  [Help] I searched on [Boot Camp].  It gave:
            • Q: <<Would I be asking for trouble running CS5 Production Premiem as a PC on a Mac using Paralles or equivalent?>>
            • A1: <<Mac and Windows (recent versions: Vista and Windows 7) use Users\[username]\media or Users/[username]/media as paths where “media” is a directory that you create on the main partition.  Do you have enough space on your main partition to store media or do you have to use an external HD?>>
            • A2: <<My primary work computer is a Mac running Bootcamp and Windows 7. I have no problems with this setup.
              • (I need to be able to test, troubleshoot, and document applications on Mac OS and Windows, so it makes sense for me to have this setup for work. At home, I just run Windows 7 on an HP.)>>

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