Adobe Premiere: Building & Editing a Sequence

I’ve begun by re-creating from-scratch a project which I already have in Sony Vegas.

  • Media Browser:
    • aMedia > DoubleClick
      • Goes to Source Monitor
  • Source Monitor:
    • Adjust In/Out points e.g. as per [View Details] window in Sony Vegas
  • Drag from Source Monitor to Timeline
  • Use timecode from elements in Sony Vegas project as a starting-point.  Drag Dissolve transitions (Effects) from bottom-left hand pane in between clips.  Trim transition to preference, either by drag or numbers.  Pretty easy.
  • Timeline:
    • [Clip > RtClk > Scale to Frame Size]
      • Then drag scale/pan/crop rectangle to required size/zoom level.
  • [File > Export > Media]  = Ctrl-M
    • This created [C:\Users\David\Documents\Adobe\Premiere Pro\5.5\Sequence 01.avi]
  • Renamed the Sequence as [Intro]
    • Now it saves to [Intro.avi] or the following time to [Intro_1.avi]

Pretty intuitive really.  Next I’d like to find the levels and color correction features, then (following the inevitablegrain created by that process) some means of running the Neat Video temporal denoiser.

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