Carbonite – Online Backup

Carbonite was drawn to my attention by a colleague, Mr. True, while we were discussing cloud-based services.

So here I just web-trawled a little. From that, it sounds like:

  • One must be wary of the “small print” about throttling.
    • Then again could anyone reasonably expect massive video file type storage for such a low price?
  • One alternative is Mozy
    • Some people find this better in terms of bandwidth,  service level and applications quality
    • It has apps for both iphone and android.

  • Carbonite automatically backs up new and changed files. You don’t have to do anything
  • One of Carbonite’s key advantages is offering unlimited backup for one fixed price
    • e.g. £41.95 / Year
  • PC & Mac
  • Carbonite for iPhone allows you to browse and share files from your iPhone.
  • Carbonite uses the same technology as banks to encrypt your data making it completely secure so only you can ever see it.
  • We have our own data centers where the the disk arrays are far more reliable than your computer’s hard drive.
  • Limitations?
    • “Bandwidth throttling – Yes (35GB, 200GB)” (?)
    • “Default max file size” (?)

  • 2009-08-23, thedragonmas:
    • I have used both Carbonite and MOZY. I had Carbonite for 2+ years, worked as advertised, had over 450 gigs backed up no problem, always maxed out my connection. However, problem came from their client, which is a buggy piece of shit.
    • Switched to mozy, managed to re-back up all 450 gigs in 2 months using my Sprint EVDO Cellular (I get awesome speeds on my data card!).
    • Real problem with Carbonite is, when you select to backup “Everything” it in fact, does NOT backup everything. Such as video files, files over a certain gig size and what not, which will then need to be done manually.
      With MOZY, when I told it to backup EVERYTHING, it DID BACKUP EVERYTHING!
    • I am now a happy MOZY Customer. I am now pushing over 1tb of backed up data.
    • Only problem I have now, is if I need to restore my data, you get 30 days to restore your data before it is removed from their servers, and my present internet connection, that is not possible
  •  2009-09-11, Kramer:
    •  I was uploading about 5GB/day for the first 50GB or so and then was throttled back significantly after that.

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