Avid Media Composer: 5.5 to 6.0 Dongle-Update

Wasn’t sure what to do.

  • 21:00 UK time, I phoned USA support-line, via Skype, they advised me as follows:
    • Go to www.avid.com/upgrade
      • Avid Media Composer System Upgrade
        Trade Activation ID for Dongle Updater.avd
      • Requires an Activation Code.
        • That is the code beginning “MCA”, which came by email along with various product keys or whatever.
        • My such email was from 23 Nov 2011.
      • Also requires othe rinformation e.g. regarding the dongle “System ID” and “Serial No.”
      • I did that and clicked the [Submit] button
        …Nothing happened for a minute or two…
        …Then eventually…
      • Avid Media Composer System Upgrade PLEASE READ CAREFULLY!
        • Congratulations! You have successfully upgraded to Avid Media Composer 6.0.
        • Click the Download button to generate your dongle updater file.
        • System ID: xyz is now registered, including the customer information you have provided.
        • Dongle Updater Instructions
          Please follow the instructions below to update your dongle.
          1.Save the dongle updater file to your system. This file authorizes your dongle for specific upgrades. The updater file extension is .avd.
          2.Double-click DongleManager.exe. The Dongle Manager utility starts.
          { Mine is located at [C:\Program Files (x86)\Avid\Utilities\DongleManager] }
          3.Click the Update tab.
          4.Click the Open button, navigate to the dongle updater file, and then click Open.
          5.Click the Upgrade button. Your dongle is updated.
          6.Click the Scan tab to view the results of your dongle scan.
        • For additional information or to download the latest Dongle Manager application, please refer to the following tech note.
          (Current versions of the software come installed with the Dongle Manager.
    • There is also a blow-by-blow tutorial on this procedure at www.avid.com/dongle , complete with download links for the Dongle Updater applications for Windows and Mac.
  • It worked!
    • As it turned out, the version on the laptop where I did that was MC 5.5, but it still ran OK with the MC-6.0-updated dongle.

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