Skimming in Adobe Premiere CS5.5 and (?) FCP7

Skimming  (after a fashion) is not only available in FCPX:

  • Skimming in Adobe Premiere:
    • From &
    • <<This is a feature that experienced editors have been using for years.  Instead of using the “ultimate slow method” of double clicking a clip in the project panel and opening it in the source monitor, just move the mouse over any clip while pressing a shortkey, and set in/out points on the fly.>>
      • Organization & Layout:
        • Suppose you have a few Source sequences, such as one sequence per rush, or maybe per scene.
          • Maybe also combine all rushes into a single (additional) sequence.
        • Create a main “Target” sequence.
        • Open/place a “Source” timeline  along the whole width of the top of the screen.
        • To that timeline, add sequences (tabs) for each of the Rush-Sequence(s)
        • In the centre, have the program monitor along with a scope
        • Below that, open/place a second timeline, this time for the Target sequence.
        • Now you have two separate timelines and can drag etc. individual clips (maybe trimmed) from the Source timeline to the Target timeline.
          • Just remember it’s not the same as using the Source Monitor.
      • To Enable Skimming:
        • Make a keyboard short cut (e.g. [§] ) to the [Move Playhead to Cursor] function
          • In CS5.5, that function is in [Edit > Keyboard Shortcuts > Panels > Timeline Panel > Move Playhead to Cursor]
        • When holding that shortcut, the playhead will follow the mouse.  No need to click mouse and drag the playhead.  Also no audio scrubbing occurs.  A very slick way to search for that certain something.
      • Tips:
        • Lift [;] and Undo [Ctrl-Z].
          • The [;] does a “Lift Edit” between [I] and [O] points.
        • Extract is supposed to be [‘] but on my [MacBook Pro > BootCamp > WIndows 7] it is [\]
        • [Drag] does a copy, not a move.
        • To drag only the video or audio part, do [Alt-Drag]

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