Avid Symphony vs Media Composer (6)

Having already Media Composer 6 (MC 6) and separately purchased Boris, I can see no point in upgrading to Symphony.  The only difference as far as I can tell is that unlike MC, it comes with BCC and it handles a Control Surface, which I do not have.  And I intend to dabble more in Da Vinci (Resolve).


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    • Over the past decade, most of the Symphony features have been added to Media Composer, so color correction and Universal Mastering are now the only differentiators. The latter means you can cut in a 23.976 project and deliver 59.94i and 50i masters for broadcast when Avid Nitris DX is used. Its color corrector includes a few more controls than Media Composer’s, along with source-based correction, an additional program track layer of correction, and six-vector secondary color correction.
    • Over the past decade, however, more advanced desktop color correctors, such as Apple Color and Blackmagic Design DaVinci Resolve, have come to market. The only new color correction feature in the version 6 software is integration with the Avid Artist Color control surface. With Media Composer at $2,499 and Symphony at $5,999, will enough buyers find value in Symphony’s more advanced color correction tools and the BCC8 filters? Integration in a single interface is a big selling point, but I just don’t know if it’s enough to warrant the bump in price. Nevertheless, it’s less expensive than Avid DS or Autodesk Smoke and is a cross-platform solution.
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