Avid: Non-Standard Frame Sizes: Unavailable but Workaround-able-ish

I have a wish to make a product with a non-standard frame size 1024×400.   I have found Sony Vegas and Adobe Premiere capable of that but could not find any way in Avid to make a project of that size.

Indeed, Avid only offers standard broadcast frame sizes


  • http://forums.creativecow.net/thread/45/884932
    • You can’t create custom project settings in Avid MC. Avid is designed to work with standard film and video formats.
    • You can import 1920×817 into Avid. Tell it to “Do not resize smaller images” in the import settings. Then it will be letterboxed within 1920×1080.
    • If you’re doing AMA rather than traditional import, choose Bin->Choose Columns, and display the Reformat column, then click it to select “Pillarbox/Letterbox” (rather than the default setting which is Stretch).
    • you can still perform whatever you need to do in MC, then export, then crop back to 817.
      • e.g. Export a QT Ref, then in QT Pro, export, and set the size to 1920×817, choose Preserve Aspect Ratio, and choose Crop.

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