Methyl Orange Stain Removal

A friend’s son dropped some methyl orange solution on a light-grey carpet.  Naive attempts by the parent to remove it using “Vanish” (a domestic carpet cleaning product) merely resulted in it changing colour from orange to yellow.  I am no chemist, but here I search for a stain-removal method.

Web-search seems to indicate that:

  • Methyl Orange is a traditional form of dye.
  • Also it is a ph indicator, a water solution of it is orange in its own weakly acidic state, becoming yellower with increasing alkali.  I guess “Vanish” is alkaline then…
  • It is also toxic and could potentially be carcinogenic, e.g. if the powder is inhaled.
  • It breaks down in daylight?
    • In that case maybe all my friend needs to do is hang it ouside in the sunshine?
    • Or does this only happen in the context of specially-treated fibres?
  • ???

Web Research:

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    1. Probably more people are induced to change their carpet due to unsightly red stains, than those who do so because the carpet is badly worn. This is especially true where there is light colored carpet. In many instances, a homeowner will just try to cover the ugly red stains with an area throw rug instead of having the carpet cleaned. This is sometimes an acceptable or tolerable solution, but perhaps not the best possible one.

      Many red stains are difficult to remove. Some may have become permanently fixed and therefore impossible to eliminate, but in most cases, if we understand the source and nature of the problem, we can get rid of the stain.

    2. Carpet stain removal is by far the greatest task that most every carpet owner deals with. You probably have your own methods of removing stains on your carpet but I have also added a small list of do-it-yourself ways, just in case you haven’t learned these tricks. If you didn’t already know, please take note that whenever you are removing any stain from carpet, ALWAYS blot the stain, NEVER scrub or rub it into the carpet fibers. The reason you blot is to keep from burying the stain deeper into the carpet.

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