Seagate Barracuda ES.2.SATA ST3500320NS: Firmware Update How?

My RAID has 8x disks: ST3500320NS, which are Seagate Barracuda ES.2.SATA.  One of the disks failed.  An attempt to replace it with a purchased disk failed, because that disk had Firmware version SN04 while the remainder of the disks had Firmware version SN05.

So how easy is it to flash the “offending” new drive with the required Firmware version?  Web-search:

On Seagate’s site:

  • I couldn’t find any downloads for SN05, only for a later version.
  • Others have had the same problem.
  • One person suggested using Instant Chat.
  • I tried that but it is apparently no longer available.
  • I sent an email to their tech support to request SN05 (and explaining why I needed it).

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