Adobe Premiere CS6: Nested Sequence Silence (& Fix)

A Sequence played with good audio, but when I nested it (inside another sequence), all went silent.  This turned out to be the latest incarnation of a crazy historical feature of Adobe Premiere.  It wasted a good part of an hour of my time experimenting and finally Googling to find the (simple, once you know) way out.

The problem:

  • A simple straightforward sequence consisting of video recordings from two cameras, each arranged in their own tracks, some audio tracks enabled, others disabled.
    • Audio plays ok
  • Embed (nest) that sequence in another sequence
    • No audio visible or heard.


  • Ensure all audio tracks are enabled in the nested sequence.
  • Don’t disable tracks, disable(audio elements of) clips.
    • Use Alt-Click to select just the required audio element(s).


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