Design a Label for a Printable DVD

On the rare occasions I produce a DVD, always the same question: How best (easiest and best quality) do I design and print the on-disk label?

In the end, the best option seemed to be to (download and) use the CD/DVD Label-Designer application that came with my disk-printing capability printer (a Canon).

  • Canon Easy-PhotoPrint EX

Initial use of it brought up a templates-selection stage that appeared clunky and restrictive.  However that was just the initial “wizard” stage of using it, and subsequently I was able to move text, create new text etc. to my satisfaction.


I know that templates and tutorials etc. exist for Word, OpenOffice.  Having as I do, the full Adobe CS6 Cloud-Based, surely there is something there also:

But wait, some of these things are for old-school sheet-based label printing, where the labels have to be removed from the sheet and adhered to disks (hopefully on-centre…).  No way, I intend to use printable DVDs.  Are any different measures required for that?

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      • Adobe stopped shipping templates with the applications at version CS4. There probably were some templates for DVDs in that group of ID templates, and I think they can still be downloaded through Either ID or Illustrator would be the most appropriate tools, in most cases, but as tom said ASK THE DUPLICATOR for their templates.

So what about templates, for any of the various applications?

But these seem to be more aimed at multi-label sheets, what is there for direct printing to DVD?

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      • I rely on Adobe InDesign for all of the layout, and then Photoshop for all Image editing.  The one exception to that is with printable DVD’s, CD’s and BD’s, where I use the Epson software for the final printing, and light layout, from Images done in Photoshop.  With a page layout program, like InDesign, you can set up your business cards (say the Avery sheets, with clean-cuts – do not have the product # handy), your letterhead, your envelopes and any number of other material. I find it more powerful, for such layout applications, than just pure Photoshop, though ALL images go though that. For my logo work, I always start in Adobe Illustrator, and work in Vector Art, before Raterizing in PS.
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      • Apple Downloads page is a good place for start the search. I have found this one:
        Ussually you can download a demo version of the softwares listed there.
        I personally use Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop.
      • Disc Cover from is pretty good as well.
      • I use a Canon iP4300 inkjet printer which has a nice program ‘LabelPrint’ that comes with the printer. Simple to use, maybe a bit limited compared to Illustrrator and Photoshop, but it does well for me and so far it’s all I need.

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