How to open MPEG-2 / VOB files in VirtualDub

Ordinarily, VirtualDub cannot understand MPEG-2 video files, but there is a plugin that makes this possible:

  • MPEG-2 plugin v4.5 by fccHandler, Released March 23, 2012
  • File: [MPEG2.vdplugin] goes into folders Plugins32 or Plugins64 (as appropriate) of the folder your [VirtualDub.exe] resides in (32-bit or 64-bit):
    • Not the existing folder, simply called [plugins]
    • VirtualDub will find and use the plugins automatically
  • YouTube:
  • Download link –
  • Discovered via Google:[virtualdub mpeg2]

Prior to awareness of this, I would have used VirtualDubMod, but that development has been discontinued as of 2005 (though at the download area says “Last Update: 2013-05-07”

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