Adobe CS6 Encore (DVD-Constructor): Asset Replacement

In Adobe CS6 Encore, suppose you have a timeline containing a clip, then (maybe after having added Scene/Chapter markers there) for some reason you need to replace the clip, e.g. due to a slight re-edit or tweak.  All you want to do is substitute a new clip for the existing clip, one-for-one, keeping the markers (that you have only just added) in place (together with their links to DVD menu buttons you may also have just now created).

In Encore, media (“Asset”) replacement is not as straightforward or as flexible as in Premiere…

I discovered (the hard way) that:

  • You can’t replace an asset by another of different file extension.
    • e.g. It won’t let you replace an [.avi] file by a [.mpg] file.
  • If you manually delete an existing clip from a timeline, any chapter markers disappear along with it.
    • I guess therefore that such markers “belong” to the clip, not the timeline.
      • This is despite their superficial resemblance to markers appearing in a Premiere timeline, which do belong to the Sequence (of which the timeline is a view).
    • Consistency would be good to have among these suite products…
    • Also in Encore, it would help to have the ability to Copy/Paste markers from one asset to another.
      • Feature Request?


  • (CS4)
    • Title:”Replacing Assets”
    • You can’t replace a Linked Asset, i.e. one “Sent” (without any intermediate file) directly from Premiere.
      • I guess that makes “Sending” only good for quick-turnaround jobs, not ones you may want to fiddle with.
      • Or is it just a special case of “can only replace by a similar type of asset”, hence can’t replace a link by a file ?
  •!topic/ (2009)
    • Title: “Replacing Assets Works, and Doesn’t Work.”
    • It is (possibly) a problem if the replacement asset has the same name as the existing asset.
      • e.g. they could have same names but come from different volumes or folders.

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