FCP AddOns: Versioner & Maintenance Pack (fromDigital Rebellion)

 Utilities for FCP from DigitalRebellion, found them serendipitously while googlingfor other stuff, bear them in mind.   In any case wait for any new versions for FCP7 and Snow Leopard).

  • http://www.digitalrebellion.com/fcs_maintenance.htm
    • FCP Maintenance Pack
      • Detects bad things (projects, plugins or footage) that may crash or confuse FCP.
      • Interprets FCP crash logs to suggest the probable real-world cause/fix.
    • FCP Versioner
      • Automatically saves projects (in XML) as different versions (as opposed to just overwriting each save)
      • Each version has a change-log, listing exactly what changed.
        • (e.g. “New filter added: Time Remap”)

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