Sequence Transfer from Avid (7.0.2) to Premiere (6.0.5)

I took an Avid Media Composer (7.0.2) Sequence built from AMA-linked XDCAM-EX footage and transferred that Sequence via AAF to Adobe Premiere (CC 7.2.1)

It worked, even for my AMA-linked footage (Sony XDCAM EX  / BPAV) – though  it wasn’t as straightforward as I expected – due to “a known issue with AAF in Premiere Pro CC (7.2.1)”.  It did succeed with Premiere CS6 (6.0.5), though even then some clunky wrangling was found necessary.  Thereafter I opened an existing Premiere CC project and Imported the CS6 sequence successfully.  Again I had to double-check the Sequence (this time in Premiere) matched the footage (clips).

  • From Avid (7.0.2):
    • File > Export as an AAF
      • Rename the Sequence
      • Select only that Sequence (in Bin)
      • File > Export > AAF
      • Place it in [D:\2012-10-20 Ross Masts\030 Projects\Avid\Ross Masts\AAF Exports].
  • Tried initially (unsuccessfully) importing to Premiere CC 7.2.1 (4):
    • File > Import
      • Select the same AAF file (as just exported).
      • Part-Failed:
        • Created a Sequence in Premiere, but devoid of clips. Instead, at each expected clip start, a marker with Title: “Warning” and Comment e.g.: “V: ‘929_4876_01’ Clip was dropped because no related footage was found”
          • (Shame it didn’t put a null clip here, for relinking, but maybe the AAF doesn’t include clip duration?)
        • Apparently this is a “known issue”
            • Kevin Monahan,   10-Jan-2014:
            • We have a known issue with AAF in Premiere Pro CC (7.2.1). Sorry, but for now you’ll have to work around this issue. If you want AAF support, you’ll have to install an earlier version of the application.
              • Yes, 7.2.1 is what I used here, and at the time of writing is the latest version of Premiere.
  • In Premiere CS6 (6.0.5):
    • Worked (mostly, but required frigging):
      • Premiere’s Import of the AAF created a Folder containing both the generated Sequence and (pointers to) the media for the Clips it was populated with.
      • I copied the Sequence to my own Sequences bin
        • …leaving the original unblemished one in its original folder.
      • Clip-Sequence Format Mismatch & Resolution
        • I noted that the Sequence was something like 640×480, and consequently the (mismatched format) timeline clips had red “real-time playback not guaranteed” lines above them.
          • Despite the Avid Project setting having been 1080i50…
        • Created a new Sequence matching the clips
        • Copied all clips out of AAF-created sequence and pasted them into the new sequence
      • All seemed to have worked ok…
      • Double-check the Sequence matched the footage (clips).
  • In Premiere CC (7.2.1)
    • Open Premiere CC
    • File > Import the CS6 project, just the required Sequence
      • I needlessly feared that the Import would create replicated clips
    • Double-check the Sequence matches the footage.
      • If not then create a new (more appropriate) sequence and paste all the clips from the imported sequence into this.

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