.NET e.g. v4 to support Lubbo’s fan utility

Seems  .NET v4 is needed in order to support Lubbo’s Fan Control utility.

Knowledge-gathering that led to the simple advice above:

  • Is .NET 4 still a Beta or is it oficially supported now?
  • How find out which version (if any) is installed?
  • If I have more than one version, will they clash?
    • No, according to informed colleague (Matt).
    • No, according to Microsoft [http://support.microsoft.com/kb/829019/]:
      • You may have several versions of the .NET Framework installed on your computer. Each version of the .NET Framework can co-exist with the other versions on the computer
        • BUT the ReadMe file for .NET 4 RC says:
          • “The .NET Framework 1.0 cannot be installed after the .NET Framework 4 is installed.  The .NET Framework 1.0 must be installed before the .NET Framework 4 is installed.”
            • HOWEVER it looks to me like that ancient version of .NET is not compatible with Windows 7.
    • Incidentally (irrelevant given the above), Windows Update only updates an existing version, it doesn’t offer it if no (previous) version is installed.

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