Deleting (decommissioning) a FCP project and all its Media

From [] and own experiences, my own advice to myself is as follows.  Note however:

  • It is not guaranteed to be correct or complete!  Just my own best-practice, so far.
  • It will only delete from scratch areas it actually knows about i.e. as defined in FCP’s System Settings.
  •  Even then, it doesn’t seem to delete everything.  After allegedly deleting all render files of all projects, I went through afterwards and found (and deleted) a number of files under [Render Files/Constant Frames].  Maybe a result of my messy initial novice practices – who knows!

My process:

  • Open the project in Final Cut Pro
  • Delete Project’s Render-Files:
    • Tools > Render Manager.
    • Use checkbox in the Remove column next to the name of the project whose render-files you wish to remove.
      • Warning: Do not check other projects or those projects’ render files will also be removed.
    • Click OK.
  • Delete Media Files in the Browser:
    • Activate the Browser window.
    • Select everything you want to delete (e.g. Select All).
      • Warning: Don’t select any clips, images, audio or anything else that is used in another project, or is used by another application (a photo that you are also using in a DVD project, for example), , as you will not want them to be deleted.
    • Modify > Make Offline.
    • Click the Move Them to the Trash button.
    • Click OK.
    • Close your Final Cut Pro project (and don’t bother saving!)
  • Delete the Project File
    • Drag it to the Trash after you have quit Final Cut Pro.
      • But how do I know where it is located, e.g. if it was the latest project, auto-loaded into FCP, I might not remember where it is.
        • Save Project As reveals the project file name e.g. [LenWed RecepLine Expt 001 copy.fcp].  Expanding the Save..As Finder reveals it is in a directory called [FCP Projects].  But not obvious where that folder is located.
    • There may also be project files in the AutoSave Vault(s).
      • In my case, this vault is on the System drive, because I save my main project files to real-world-project -specific folders on a separate Media drive (a local RAID).
  • Check any scratch areas etc. on other disks, e.g. System disk, in case anything got (accidentally) written there, e.g. if system was accidentally powered-up when RAID was not running.
  • Empty the Trash

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