Setting-up FCP Folder Structure

This is how I’m doing it today:

  • Local System Disk
    • Render Files
    • Thumbnail Cache Files
    • Waveform Cache Files
  • Local RAIDs (One stationary, one portable)
    • _App_Specific
      • Final_Cut
        • _Projects (just for misc [.fcp] files)
        • Audio Render Files
        • Autosave Vault
        • Capture Scratch
        • Render Files
    • _Media
      • _Library
      • _Projects
        • 2010-04-30 (Client) Event
          • 010 Preparation
          • 020 Source
          • 030 Projects
            • FCP
              • EventTitle v001.fcp


  • I would have put everything on the RAID but for the Final Cut Settings interface, which only allows the first three items above to be on one location.  In contrast, the other items can be specified in a small set of possible locations, each of which can be toggled (enabled/disabled).
  • The structure below [Projects] should mainly branch by function then by application.  But it will vary from (real-world) project to (real-world) project.

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