Mac Boot Camp > Windows 7: Heat Issue (again)

The following describes exactly what I observe.  So it is definitely not just my machine then…

    • An illustrative story:
      • “The laptop will just get hotter and hotter without heavy load, until I can’t take it and turn it off. If I restart it into Mac, it will turn the fans on full blast for a little while and cool it off and then slow the fans back down. So the Mac side knows that it is way too hot. But the Windows side refuses to cool it off. “
    • But no need to worry (?):
      •  “I have called Apple tech support a few times and get it escalated, but engineering say this is not an issue that I only have to worry if the thing shuts itself off. It’s not being investigated, its not an issue.”
    • Fans operate but do not ramp-up as soon as expected, in terms of temperature.
    • Some people use a fan-base.
    • The higher-powered (more power and heat-producing) of the two graphics cards is used, and there is no way to swap between them.
    • Lubbo’s Fan Control is said (by some) to be better than  Input Remapper and  smcFanControl:
      •  The primary purpose of Input Remapper is to provide a variety of useful keyboard shortcuts while in Boot Camp (which can be disabled if desired).  However it also provides controls to set the minimum fan speed.
      • smcFanControl allows you to set the minimum fan speed on the Mac side. Whatever they’re running at will still apply if the computer is restarted into Boot Camp.  However the fans go off again if machine shuts down or hibernates.
      • However for the version I tried, one of the two cores did a 50% duty cycle of load.  So the downside of this utility is it eats 25% CPU power (and wastes energy).  Apparently due to the way it’s implemented, a necessary compromise in the absence of source code for Boot Camp.

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