MacBook BootCamp Re-Install

WHen using Windows under BootCamp, I had been getting some serious problems when using an external drive via FW800.

  • …like the device disappearing (from the visibility of the OS, Windows 7).

As advised by suppliers, removed and reinstalled BootCamp, as follows:

  • Windows 7: [Control Panel >> Remove Programs: BootCamp Services]
  • Rebooted
  • Inserted Mac OS Disk that came with the MacBook
    • It is MacBook-specific. Must use that one, not any other.
  • From root folder, as seen by W7, ran [setup.exe].
    • Kapersky complained a few times.
  • Rebooted.  Mostly OK but no keyboard lights or control thereof.
  • Rebooted again.  Now the keyboard lights are on and controllable.
  • Check the BootCamp version: It is 3.0.
  • Need update to 3.1.
  • Go to Apple support page for BootCamp:
    • []
  • ..and click [Downloads]
    • Taken to []
    • There are several items.
  • There are several Boot Camp 3.1 downloads (these are upgrades not installs).  Which one (if any) is appropriate?  Examples:
  • Searched web for any clues:
  • Finally: Downloaded the one at
  • Broadly applicable installation instructions are at
    • …even though they’re for the 13-incher.

Not necessarily related, but interesting to note:

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