MacBook Pro System & FireWire issues

Some issues:

  • Had a serious system-disk issue, where CHKDISK deleted corrupt unknown system-related stuff.   Windows still worked afterwards as far as I could tell but it was cause for concern…
    • Later, the Mac OS function keys became unresponsive.
  • The FW800 port only worked in Mac mode, not Boot Camp / Windows 7.

Some fixes:

  • As a potential fix to both issues, was advised by machine supplier to reinstall Boot Camp
    • Method:
      • Mac (machine): Run [Boot Camp > Windows]
      • Windows:
        • Use [Remove Programs] to remove Boot Camp
        • Use Mac OS system disk (from Windows) to reinstall BootCamp (was 3.0).
        • Check for any Boot Camp updates – get the latestone (was 3.1).
    • Result:
      • Function-keys fixed, FW800 issue remained.
  • As potential fix for FW800 issue:
    • A Sony Vegas forum post advised disabling Aero.
      • Result: No difference.
    • Web-searching and Vegas forum advised installing the free FW800 driver from UniBrain, allegedly better than the Boot Camp one.
      • Prior to the BootCamp reinstall, this was not possible – installation aborted.
      • Following the BootCamp reinstall, installation worked but FW800 drive not visible in Windows Explorer.
      • Tried a Windows Repair, in case it was not just the BootCamp that had been damaged (possibly by the serious system disk issue mentioned at the start).
  • Windows Repair & successive steps:
    1. Boot Camp: Repair the windows system (Windows 7).
    2. Check whether System Restore works now.
      1. Yes, when I set a restore-point, wait a few mins and restore to it.  But what if I reboot then try to restore?
      2. Seems hit-and-miss: sometimes Restore works, sometimes not.  Rebooting doesn’t affect that but system crashes/freezes e.g. as caused by FW800 failing, do appear to.  Uncertain, just rough observations.

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