N95 8GB App Shortcuts Customization

To change the shortcuts on a the N95 8GB Active Standby screen:

  • [Menu key] > Main menu > Tools > Settings > General  > Personalisation > Standby mode > Active standby apps.
  • You are now presented with a list of seven Shortcut options, representing each of the shortcut icons on the Active Standby display.  A box next to the shortcut indicates which function or application it currently represents.
  • They are listed Shortcut 1 to Shortcut 7, with Shortcut 1 the icon on the left of the active standby display, and the others running from left to right across, with Shortcut 7 the icon on the far right of the display.
  • Select the Shortcut you want to change (e.g. the Shortcut 7 Camera icon),
  • A list of options appears onscreen – although you get a view of only six at a time (Figure 12). Scroll through the list until you find the shortcut you want to add to replace the existing icon.  Highlight the application required and press the [OK] softkey.  You are taken back to the Active Standby apps. menu. The box next to the modified Shortcut option has the required new application name.
  • If you have finished making changes, press the red Call End key to return to the standby screen.

Based on the article “How to customise shortcuts on the Nokia N95 8GB” at http://www.knowyourmobile.com/nokia/nokian958gb/nokian958gbuserguides/8391/how_to_customise_shortcuts_on_the_nokia_n95_8gb.html as of 2010-08-29.

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